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Nia Abram is a scholar, podcaster, plant lover, and proud Capricorn. She enjoys exploring topics of race, healing, sexuality, and environmentalism.

I originally wrote this piece in 2017, at the height of the MeToo movement. But I was recently inspired by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s poignant and courageous Instagram live, in which she draws connections between sexual violence and white supremacist violence while recounting her experience during the U.S. capitol insurrection. I felt it was relevant to conceptually revisit continuums of violence, in hopes of presenting another tool to recognize how our country’s violent institutions speak to, overlap, and inform each other.

CW: Sexual violence, sexual harm

U.S. capitol insurrectionists wave American flags dressed in military gear, gather in front of the U.S. capitol building. One person in front is screaming with rage.
Jan. 6th, 2021 U.S. capitol white supremacist terrorists gather in front of the capitol building. Source: ABC News.

On the Netflix show “The Fall,” Stella is a gritty British detective whose dry loathing of…

CityKids Wilderness Project Grand Teton National Park

In late June on a cloudy afternoon, I whipped a twelve passenger van into a parking spot closest to the trailhead. The seven 13-year-old girls sitting in the back seat were listless, unwilling to wake up from their coveted mid-day naps. After pestering these girls to emerge from their tents for the past five mornings, I was running out of wake-up tactics. I pulled up my QUEEN BEY playlist on Spotify and bumped “Love On Top” as loud as I could and sure enough, I was met with a collective groan as sleepy eyes crept open. Each one of them…


In the summer of 2012, my parents sent my younger sister and me to their hometown, Somerset, New Jersey, to live with my grandparents.

“But why?? There’s nothing to even do down there. It’s just a bunch of strip malls,” I whined.

“Because you should spend time with your grandparents, and you could learn something from them,” my mom responds.

“Am I going to have to help them work their cell phones and stuff? Ughhhh… I just don’t get it, why can’t I stay here?”

“Girl, you’re going, so we’re not arguing about it,” my mom retorted, in her “don’t…

Nia Abram

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